When to visit

Choosing when to visit Alaska is not always an easy decision.  With multiple runs of salmon, as well as resident species, saltwater tides, weather, crowds, and lodging availability factoring into the mix, a lot goes into setting specific dates for the perfect Kenai Peninsula fishing trip.

There really isn’t a bad time to visit Alaska.  Every portion of our season has its own unique pluses and minuses, so your decision should really begin with what your fishing goals and preferences are and use that as a starting point.  One major question to ask is how much of a priority taking home lots of fish is vs. just catching lots of fish for sport.  Many of the most popular times for keeping fish such as mid to late July for sockeye also come with the trade off of huge crowds.  Some of the more scenic and picturesque times to visit such as late fall for silvers and trophy rainbows also come with the trade off of colder weather.

If you are struggling with the decision on when to visit, a great place to start is to call and chat with us about it.  We spend the majority of the off season doing exactly that with most of our guests.  We can discuss the pros and cons to all the species, months and overall run timing considerations, as well as weather and availability to help you focus on the best time for your trip.  We can take a lot of the guess work out of the equation and save you time and effort researching on your own.  Let our nearly three decades of experience helping people plan their perfect Alaska fishing trips work to your advantage, and call us today!