King Salmon Fishing in Alaska

25-40 LBS. Larger Fish Exceeding 50 LBS.
Early Run: 15-25 LBS. Late Run: 25-40 LBS.
Larger Fish Exceeding 50 LBS.
97 LBS. KENAI RIVER, MAY 17, 1985
Drifting, Backtrolling, Back-bouncing

King Salmon fishing in Alaska is world renown and for good reason. The Kenai River has the impressive distinction of producing the world’s largest sport-caught king salmon at 97 lbs.! Every year these mammoth salmon tip the scales at 70, 80, and even 90 pounds. Their sheer strength is unmatched and those that have done battle with these big fish will tell you the experience is not soon forgotten.

Due to ever-changing conditions, king fishing requires mobility and refined technique. Statistics have shown that 10% of the guides catch 90% of the King salmon taken on both the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. Fishing with an experienced guide greatly increases your chances of landing one of these iconic salmon. We fish the Kenai with custom built river sleds powered by 50 HP. outboard motors.

Kenai River King Salmon Fishing

Two runs of wild Kenai River King salmon combine to support the largest recreational fishery for this species in Alaska. The first run of Kings enters the river from mid-May through June. The late run starts the first of July and ends when the season closes on July 31st. The early Kenai River run starting in May averages about 10,000 fish and the late run that begins on July 1 averages about 30,000 fish.

The Kasilof River has two runs of king salmon. The early run begins in May and consists of both hatchery and naturally produced (wild) kings. The late run starts July 1 and runs through July 31. The second run is entirely native kings which rival the legendary Kenai fish in both numbers and size.

We fish the Kasilof with custom made 19-foot drift boats and motors are not allowed while fishing. The drift boat experience is unique and unlike the Kenai involves launching the boat at one location and floating down river 8-10 miles to the take out. The lack of motors makes for a very quiet yet exciting angling adventure.

Kasilof River King Salmon Fishing


For those looking to experience the thrill of Alaska king salmon fishing in a more remote or secluded location, a fly out to the West Side of Cook Inlet and beyond opens a myriad of fishing possibilities. From a helicopter adventure to a king salmon fishing Alaska expedition to the Nushagak, an all-day king salmon fly out trip offers much more than just spectacular fishing. You’ll experience breathtaking Alaska scenery and wildlife viewing both to and from your fishing destination and nothing compares to seeing the wilderness of Alaska from a floatplane.

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