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  • Hospital: Located about 7 miles from our lodge in case of an emergency
  • Shopping: Most major shopping centers are located about 5 miles from our lodge
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  • Bears: See bears fishing for salmon
  • Scenery: A small taste of the scenery Alaska has to offer
  • Birds: Swans, loons, eagles and more
  • Moose: Being abundant, you are sure to see moose while driving the area or fishing
  • Marine Mammals: Photos of sea otters, sea lions and other marine mammals
  • Whales: Whales are a common site when venturing out in salt water
  • Halibut: One of the largest and best eating fish from Alaska
  • King Salmon: The largest king salmon in the world are from the Kenai River
  • Silver Salmon: Silvers are one of the most fun to catch
  • Sockeye Salmon: Abundant in late summer and considered one of the best eating salmon
  • Pink Salmon: The most abundant salmon species
  • Rainbow Trout: Trophy trout are abundant for fly fishermen
  • Dolly Varden: These fish are beautiful
  • Steelhead: One of the hardest fighting sport fish
  • Wildlife Menu: Select the wildlife species you would like to view
  • Fish Menu: Select the fish species you would like to view
  • Other Animals: There are many types of animals in Alaska


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